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Our vision and strategy

Our visions is to be the best at what we do.

  • We will be one of the forerunners among the providers of flexible personnel solutions, based on the principle of temporary hiring of a work force.
  • We offer professional services with a high value and compliance with applicable laws.
  • We assume full responsibility for securing a staff for our customer and thereby give them the opportunity to focus on their core business without other worries.
  • We will be a stable and traditional employer, a company which sees in its employees its potential.
  • We respect and maintain the norms provided by EICC ( Code of conduct of electronics manufacturers)
  • We respect and adhere to the policy of SER (Responsible socially and environmentally)


Our Strategy

  • Specialization in temporary employment assignments
  • Provide superior services to our customers, employees and job applicants.
  • Maximum flexibility in the resolution of non-standard requirements of our customers
  • Constant communication with our customer, active cooperation in addressing operational matters.
  • Care for employees, securing accommodations and transportation.


SER Policy

XAWAX understands its responsibility to society and to its employees. Therefore, it has created and continually improves its systems regarding human resources, job safety, protection of the environment and minimization of risk. The main principles are as follows:

  • Always in compliance with the applicable laws, respect the human rights of employees, organize working conditions, work times and rest times and observe labor conditions. Respect the right of the employees to freely associate. Not tolerate any form of forced labor including the employment of children and prisoners. Not tolerate corruption, discrimination, harassment, abuse, extortion, misuse of information and cruel and inhuman treatment.
  • Create a safe and healthy work environment (or pressure our customers and suppliers to create such a work environment) Improve the employees’ qualification, develop their sense for responsible work. Resolve any matters regarding the health and safety of work according to the applicable laws and in cooperation with appropriate authorities. Entertain suggestions, complaints and comments from our employees.
  • As part of our capabilities limit the pollution of the environment and thereby encourage such behavior in our customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Meet the requirements for a socially responsible and successful business and support the highest ethical standards such as the prohibition of corruption, misuse of information, protection of personal and intellectual property, protection of the individual and freedom from unfair competition.
  • Support projects which fulfill social roles – assist the handicapped and sick, help the young to become productive members of society and more.
  • Create and develop plans to limit risks and impacts on provided services.
  • Act in accordance with national and international laws, conventions and standards.
  • Advise all employees, suppliers and public on the policy and program of SER.
  • Regularly evaluate risks associated with the applying of the SER policy into practice, design and implement measures to minimize these risks.
  • Regularly check the working conditions of employees, provide employees with adequate training and education.
  • Analyze the system of operations and in the case of discovering errors, suggest and implement corrective measures.
  • Review compliance with the SER program, update objectives and methods.
  • Maintain all documentation up to date and valid.


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